15 thoughts on “Spring Video Tour 2

  1. Haha 😁 I liked all the credits at the end! And of course I enjoyed the tour too – it was good to have the close ups. How did you manage to add the labels, Brian, and the music? Thanks for sharing and for giving me the impetus to do one myself last month.


    1. Thanks Cathy. Within Apple photos edit you can add text to a picture. The photos can then be incorporated into a video in iMovie along with films to create a video. You can also add music and voice over. It is not as simple as it sounds, it took much online searching to discover how. These software designers never seem to tell you ’how to’!
      I am sure for none apple users there is similar software.


  2. Thank you for showing your lovely spring garden off to us all. Tea and hotcross bun later in my garden. Almost as good as an open garden for Easter under the NGS.


  3. Great video! I agree totally about the foliage, it is such a pleasure watching it come up in spring and your shots were great. I am still very much taken aback with the variety of your plants. And you have bonsai. Amelia


  4. Thank you so much Brian, A most entertaining and inspiring video. It is very helpful having the names of plants /shrubs on each one. I enjoyed the credits, a multi talented gardener extraordinaire.


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