Spring Video Tour.

With our gardening club’s meetings cancelled for at least the next three months and the majority of us self isolating for various health reasons, I decided to record a film, Spring Tour, ‘Our Garden@19’ to share with our members on what should have been our meeting day.
This is the first time I have done this using the video setting on my canon camera, therefore it is not very smooth and you will need the sound on your device on full to hear my dulcet tones!
You do not require a Youtube account to watch it, just click on the link below.
I now happily share it with my brimfields.com followers, enjoy and stay well.
The Alpine beds.

16 thoughts on “Spring Video Tour.

  1. That was lovely Brian! I had no idea just how big your garden is, and those plants potted up for selling look like a professional nursery! I hope some will find homes or you can open later in the year. Beautiful Tulips on your garden table and I love the iris… you are way ahead of us! Thank you so much for sharing! 😃


  2. It was lovely to see (and hear!) this, Brian! I have wondered before about doing a video tour of our garden so this has given me an incentive to try it – no idea how to put it on Youtube though. Was it straightforward and would I need an ‘account’ to do so?


      1. I will look into it, perhaps for my EOMV, but I will definitely have a practice first! Did you find it better to record from your camera rather than phone?


      2. The phone is very good Cathy, I have used it in the past, I did this with the camera due to the limited memory I have on my phone. When you practise you can choose to publish as private so that only you can see it.


  3. Everyone likes the video, but I go back to the first picture to see those striking evergreens with the alpines. That gold is so vivid! I would think that our climate is better for such foliar color in spring (before it fades in summer), but I do not remember such gold. The grey foliage is more like what I would put in my garden. (I like gold more in other people’s gardens than my own.) Star magnolia is rad!


      1. Hello Tony, it is Magnolia x soulangeana ‘Lennei’ and the yellow conifer is Thuja plic ’Goldy’, I like the contrast these conifers provide, they are planted along with a blue juniper.

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      2. Oh, I should have recognized both of those. We grew Magnolia X soulangeana ‘Lennei Alba’ a long time ago. It was disastrous! We could neither sell them fast enough, nor keep up on the pruning. Some died back and regenerated from their ‘Lennei’ (not ‘Alba’) understock. They are spectacular in gardens elsewhere, but deciduous magnolias are not very popular here. Thuja plicata is a big forest tree up north, and is the state tree of Washington. I tend to forget that there are cultivars of it that fit into home gardens.

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  4. I enjoyed the tour! I think you have a greater variety of plants in your garden than most of the public gardens that I have visited in France. Your iris are lovely. I have quite a few but I find they get very easily invaded by weeds and grass, any tips? Amelia


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