New Visitors.

I along with many fellow bloggers enjoy watching and feeding the birds that visit our gardens throughout the year.  New visitors to our garden@19 this winter have been, a fleeting glimpse of a Gold Crest, a male Bullfinch and on the niger seed feeder, the male and female Siskin.

They are sometimes referred to as the Black-headed Goldfinch, living mainly in woodland in Scotland, Wales and Europe. As with many other birds they migrate south during the winter searching for food.

I managed to capture some pictures of them on the feeders.

IMG_3062 (1)
Goldfinch and female Siskin.
Female Siskin.
Female Siskin.
Male Siskin
Male Siskin.


I posted about the birds that visit the garden and the different feeds I offer here, last year: Feed the Birds  

Have you had any New Visitors this winter?


15 thoughts on “New Visitors.

  1. No new visitors for us. We had a couple of pairs of siskin some years ago but none since. We have also had a brief visit from a redpoll in the past and also from a female blackcap but no unusual sightings this year although they could have sneaked in and not been noticed. How wonderful to see a gold crest.


  2. Isn’t that male siskin a beauty? Their ‘stripes’ are really prominent, you have captured them beautifully. The seed in our feeders goes down very fast these cold days. We have gold crests in the big evergreen oak, and sometimes they venture timidly into the garden when the long tailed tits visit. All the usual tits, chaffinches etc. Lovely both in sunshine and in the gloom!


  3. As you say great minds think alike with both producing a post on birds this week. We bought new feeders after seeing your post about goldfinches feeding in your garden before Christmas. The caged feeders once the birds get use to it have worked well keeping the larger birds away. Our goldfinches seem to have disappeared for the winter. Sarah x


  4. Good to read about which birds are visiting, Brian. This year we had almost all our usuals when we did the Garden Birdwatch count, unlike some years when many stayed away!

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