Spring is in the air.

In Our Garden@19

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While enjoying the early signs of spring the head gardener has been preparing for the summer drought. The garden benefits from the borrowed landscape of the neighbours trees in the autumn, the downside is the amount of water required by such large trees.

Partial soaker hose irrigation was installed when we originally laid out the garden, it has now been installed into the rest of the garden.

img_0786img_0785Laying out a coiled roll of soaker hose without stepping on emerging bulbs and perennials was reminiscent of playing Twister. (You have to be of a certain age to know the game Twister!)

What has been causing you to perform a jig in the garden?

23 thoughts on “Spring is in the air.

  1. You’ll appreciate it though when summer finally comes. I tackled the vertical section of the Precipitous Bank and discovered I need more feet. And hands. Which would probably be of benefit for Twister as well!


  2. Your slideshow is full of beauties – love your photos of the crocuses! Your irrigation looks a good deal more successful than mine. I tried installing two connected soaker hoses through the rose border last year, but I find that only the first hose really soaks. Our water pressure is always low, and I don’t think it can push enough water through to hose number two. Rather discouraging, and I haven’t come up with a good solution yet. Moving the feeder hose to each soaker hose works but is almost as much effort as just watering each spot separately…!


    1. Thank you Amy. We suffer from low water pressure therefore a sprinkler doesn’t always work very well. I have tested the soaker hose and it does get round to the end, I did wonder about splitting it in two, the test will come in the summer.

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  3. Good to see what’s new and anticipate what’s coming soon – but definitely time to be planning ahead as those months will go quicker than we think possible!


  4. Watching the slides of early spring flowers was like breathing fresh air! Here on the desert the air, while fresh, certainly isn’t dry. And the flowers that are popping up bear no resemblance to yours. But spring is spring, no matter where you find it. Thanks for reminding me of past springs. 🙂


  5. I love the new look blog and the slideshow- I always thought that The Life of Brian would be a great subtitle for your blog!


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