Flower Power.

These pictures were taken in Our Garden@19 or gardens we have visited and published privately in February 2016.

The lens I used was the Canon 18-200mm, with occasionally, the Canon close up lens 500D 72mm attached.

IMG_5555 IMG_5563 IMG_5573 IMG_6549 IMG_6564 IMG_6713 IMG_6716 IMG_6741 IMG_7145 IMG_7340 IMG_7345 IMG_7397 IMG_7403

IMG_0043 (1) IMG_0583 (1) IMG_0799 (1) IMG_0897 (1) IMG_1093 (1) IMG_1262 (1) IMG_2294 (1) IMG_2316 (1) IMG_2351 (1) IMG_2354 (1) IMG_2361 (1) IMG_2427 (1) IMG_2430 (1) IMG_2639 (1) IMG_2816 (1) IMG_2844 (1) IMG_3804 (1)

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